Musician, songwriter, engineer, mixer and producer from Costa Mesa, CA.

"I have been playing music for over 21 years( guitar, bass, piano). I come from various backgrounds of rock music, jazz, acoustic, new age, and hip hop. Recording audio is an art and I love it. The years behind the recording gear have been an amazing learning experience for me and my clients. The knowledge I gained over the years just simply me going in and doing it first hand.. Collaboration is the best thing to be apart of when it comes to music. I've been very blessed to record/work with many musicians, on/ off the stage, and on their album. Every musician needs someone who can join their journey to complete their song(s) in the studio with someone who has the patience, intuition, encouragement and songwriting skills to get the job done.

Let's get weird."

-Pedro J. Mancillas

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