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Rat Sound Systems

Coachella 2022, 2023: Mojave Stage A1 Stage Tech/Patch

Stage Coach
2023: Palomino Stage A1 Stage Tech/Patch

Besame Mucho Stage 2. 2023: Patch Master

ComplexCon2023: A1 Stage Tech

WhenWeWereYoung Stage 4. 2023: A2 Patch Master

Motionless in White 2023: PA Tech

Gracefest 2023: A2 Stage Tech/Patch

K-CON 2023: PA Tech

UCSB Extravaganza 2023: Remi Wolf A1 Stage Tech/Patch

Palm Tree Fest 2023: A1 Stage Tech/Patch

Stage Coach 2023: Palomino Stage 
A1 Stage Tech/Patch

The Broad MuseumA1
( events: Grand Master Flash, Tierra Wack, Kim Gordon)

Stage Plus ProductionsA1, FOH,MONS



Ollie Wride: artist (synth wave pop)

Dylan Meek: artist (soul,funk)

Camryn: artist (pop)

Above the Noise: artist (progressive rock)

Here at the End: artist (instrumetal)

The Wayfarer Venue

FTG Warehouse 2018-2021


Hybrid Studios: 2018-2020

Assistant Engineered with:Kobe Bryant Punies Series Audio books 


Pepper: Sugar 808 remix (ska reggae rock)

Killer be Killed: " Reluctant Hero" (metal supergroup Produced by Josh Wilbur)

Pressure Cracks:  "This is called Survival"(hardcore metal) Voted top 15 best breakdowns of 2020 Alt. Press 

Tom Brooks: (Producer, keyboardist for Alan Parsons Project)


Velzy-"Weird Thing"-Single(engineered, mixed)

Cosmic Kitten"Laugh of a Lifetime"-Album(engineered, mixed)

XJAMEX"You Said"-single(produced, engineered, mixed)

HANDLE "Spirit Channeler"-single"Earn Your Exile"-single"Former Heartbeats"-LP(written, produced, engineered, mixed)"Celestial Contagion"-LP(mixed)

Dylan Meek:Grammy nominated artist "Without You"(engineered)

Veers: "Don't Let it Be" Live session at Gold Pacific Studios

Mounds of Earth:"Self Titled"EP"Welcome Winter"EP"Portola Dr."album(engineered, mixed, mastered)

Kalyl Silva: "Doom"singleThis song is now featured in UFC 18 EA sports game.(engineered, mixed and mastered)

These Days:"Tonight Your Mine""Periwinkle" EP"Temptation"(engineered, producer)

The Jetties: "Pumpin"single"Sumatra Place"album"BoomTabby"album(engineered, mixed, mastered)

Tunnels:"This Is.." EP(mixed and mastered)

Isolater:"Heatwave"(mixed and mastered)





Hero Across the Sky:"The Apothecaries"(mixed

)The Offtrax:" Psychedlic Frights""Hazardous Bliss""Fucktacular" Album"Planeta Rockaleta""Last week never Happened""Sucker Punch"(engineered, mixed, mastered)

The ShadowTrems :"Scarlet Tears"(engineered,mixed,mastered)

Los Ratones Atomicos:"Special K""Free on Saturday Night""Ya no me Quieres"(engineered,mixed,mastered)

Mollify:"Rats Nest" "Mouth Of Madness"(engineered,mixed,mastered)

Kaiju:"Enough Memory"(engineered,mixed,mastered)

Space Time Television:"Generation Us""Comfortless Existence"(engineered, mixed, mastered)

Bianca and the Brandys:"Death Valley Road""Be Mine"(engineered, mixed, mastered)

Jonathan Fraser: "Heaven is at a Distance"(drum engineer)

DethCoast:"Worst Coast" EP(engineered mixed and mastered)

Bad Lungs"EP"(engineered,mixed,mastered)

ZVY:" Wait..."-EP"One Night""Lay Low"(engineered, mixed, mastered)

JoyNoise: "Right Before Your Eyes"(drum engineer)

John Leal: "The Devil"(feat. Waylon Reavis from Mushroom Head)-single"Undead Bride"single"Moshferatu"EP(engineered, mixed, mastered)

Panoramic"Silly Boy"(engineered, mixed, mastered)

Eddie Nevega "Cadenas"(mixed, mastered)

Blue Dream Motel: EP(engineered, mixed, mastered)

Hijo De Mata:"Abre Tus Ojos"single"Es Por Ti"cover single"Never forget"single(engineered, mixed, mastered)

Warrens: EP(engineered, mixed, mastered)

Slime Kings:"Black Hole Era"EP(engineered and mixed)

Read Hersh: "Reflecting by the Seaside"EP(mixed, mastered)


Shutterings:"Making Contact"album(mastered)" Nervous Looks"( drum engineer)"Kourosh" (mixed, mastered)" How to Drown" (mixed, mastered)

Any Idea: " Pre-sessions"EP(engineered, mixed, mastered)

High Frequency: " Know where to land"EP(engineered, mixed, mastered)

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